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Travels with Astronomonsters: Balloon Planets

We took our first long road trip this summer with our toddler astronomonsters. If we were to drive straight through, it would be five hours to get to our destination. With toddlers, we couldn’t exactly drive straight through for five … Continue reading

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Fantastic Science Art

Earlier I posted about Science Fantasy Art. Today it’s about fantastic science art, like the “Blue Marble” images of the Earth, and the Hubble images of space. Recently NASA released a new “Blue Marble 2012” image of the Earth. The … Continue reading

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Science Fantasy Art Your Kids Will Love

My husband calls it another form of Astronomy Propaganda, but I think it’s fun to decorate my kids’ room with a space theme. Whether the room helped forge my two-year-old into an astronomonster, or whether his astronomy enthusiasm inspired the … Continue reading

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