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“From bar to the stars” (Fargo Forum article)

Originally posted on fmastronomy:
Fargo-Moorhead Astronomy Club member Jay Bjerke has been actively promoting the joys of stargazing with his sidewalk astronomy nights at Junkyard Brewing Co. in Moorhead,  MN. One of the first nights was April 10, 2015, when…

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Saturn ornament

I just saw this picture online, and now I’m getting ideas for some spacey Christmas ornament crafts. Do you have any favorite spacey ornaments? Please share a pic! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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New Horizons at Pluto!

The countdown reads about 5 hours and 30 minutes until the closest approach to Pluto by the New Horizons space probe. I am excited. In about 19 hours we should be able to see images from that close approach. If … Continue reading

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Space Games

Educational space board games! The Astronomical Society of the Pacific’s shop has an assortment of space games like Moon Mission (“Learn about conditions on the Moon and teach your children teamwork with this cooperative family board game”); Race to the … Continue reading

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Diffraction grating pumpkins

From Halloween, our jack-o-lanterns as seen through diffraction grating glasses.

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My Weight on Other Worlds Worksheet

Here is a PDF you can download and print: a worksheet for calculating your weight on other worlds. There are some neat web pages with automatic calculators–type in your Earth weight and voila!–but this is an alternative, to sit down … Continue reading

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Astronomommy Update

Hello, everyone. I apologize for not posting new astronomy items for a while. I’ve had a few things going on which have been keeping me busy: I started a new job in grants coordination at a research university, and I’ve … Continue reading

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Bedtime Math in Space

Okay, Bedtime Math has been totally awesome with all of their space-themed math problems lately! Here are the links to the lot of them: Cherries from Space, from 14 April 2014 – So You Want to Be a Martian, … Continue reading

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Planet Plates

I just found these planet plates on Think Geek. I wonder if my astronomonsters would eat all of their food so they could look at the planets, or dump them clear so they could play with them? Anyway, I love … Continue reading

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Poor Mercury

Poor Mercury. I’ve been thinking about poor Mercury since we got this floor puzzle of the planets that pictures them in order with their names labeled and a planet fact for each one. Can you guess what Mercury’s was? Mercury … Continue reading

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