Greetings! My name is Scarlet, but here I am Astronomommy. I am the mother of two young boys, and I strive to share my love of astronomy with them. It seems to be working. My two boys have become astronomonsters, as I call them. They love The Universe program, the planetarium and space books. They tend to see planets everywhere, and balloons and balls and any round object is likely to be turned into a planet for their playtime. It all started when my first child was around 18 months old and became really interested in the Moon. From there he became interested in the planets, and worked hard to learn all of them. From there, it became an obsession, into which little brother has joined him.

This blog is my notebook of astronomy activities and resources which can help guide other parents who want their own little astronomonsters at home. (Astronomonsters are cute. Really. Especially if they are newly two and pronounce “Jupiter” as some strange mash-up of “Jupiter” and “peanut butter.”) My low-bar goal is to post here at least once a month. Maybe the astronomonsters will let me post more frequently as they get a little older and more independent. 🙂

My work here is inspired and informed by my part-time job with the planetarium at the Minnesota State University-Moorhead’s Planetarium. My education prepared me well for this work: I have B.A.’s in Music and English, and a M.A. in English–oh, wait, they really didn’t. But astronomy is one science where amateurs can make wonderful contributions, and there is a lot you can do and study on your own. I got into planetariums as an undergraduate student at Valley City State University. There I wrote a show about Near-Earth Objects and got to control the universe…at least, running a planetarium feels that way. I got hooked. And now, here I am, a planetarium assistant since 2006, a member of the Fargo-Moorhead Astronomy Club, and a NASA-JPL Solar System Ambassador. UPDATE: I’ve had a job change which has been limiting my time for posting. I’m now working full-time with grants at a research university, which means less time for astronomy blogging. 😦  [7-14-2015]

And, yes, the Paint art is my own work.

If you have questions, comments, or ideas to share, you can e-mail astronomommy ( at ) gmail ( dot ) com, or find the Astronomommy page on Facebook.


4 Responses to About

  1. storyad says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. We will be back often to visit as we study Astronomy for the next several months.

    • Astronomommy says:

      Thanks! I hope I can get something useful up for you in the next few months, then! However, I am heading into a very busy time these next couple of months, so if you have any specific questions or things you would like to see a post on, do ask.

  2. How fun! I found you just when I am about to start teaching astronomy to my kids. Perfect timing on my part!

    • Astronomommy says:

      Yay! If you run into questions or some topics you think I should write about, let me know. I’m busy finishing producing a planetarium show through March 23, but should have more writing time after that. Enjoy the astronomy lessons!

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