“From bar to the stars” (Fargo Forum article)

From my astronomy club’s blog, about the outreach one member has been doing. He has been keeping up the Junkyard Brewing telescope nights, and he has also started setting up at a local outdoor ice cream shop on some evenings in order to reach more kids.


Fargo-Moorhead Astronomy Club member Jay Bjerke has been actively promoting the joys of stargazing with his sidewalk astronomy nights at Junkyard Brewing Co. in Moorhead,  MN. One of the first nights was April 10, 2015, when Junkyard was releasing a new brew called “Big Kahuna.” Since Jay’s big telescope had been nicknamed “Big Bertha,” they thought the result sounded like a bad ’50’s sci-fi movie, and a tradition of using ’50s sci-fi images to advertise their astronomy nights was born:

Big Bertha Big KahunaStargazing

Stargazing on the patio

The following story about Jay Bjerke’s sidewalk astronomy nights at Junkyard Brewing was featured in the Fargo Forum home page on June 1, 2015.

From bar to the stars: Sidewalk astronomy brings the heavens to the street

By John Lamb, June 1, 2015.

0B5lEslrS81BkVDNHTldyY2pDc00MOORHEAD – A late night in a bar can lead to some revelers seeing stars the next morning. But step outside Moorhead’s Junkyard Brewing Co. on a clear…

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