New Horizons at Pluto!

The countdown reads about 5 hours and 30 minutes until the closest approach to Pluto by the New Horizons space probe. I am excited. In about 19 hours we should be able to see images from that close approach. If you haven’t been following it, I hope you’ll take a look at the mission pages and look at the pictures as they come in. This is the first probe thPluto image timelineat has visited Pluto. Our images of Pluto prior to this year were indistinct blurs, and the increasing resolution of the new images has been fun to see. Maybe you can find a Pluto Palooza event near you and watch with a group of like-minded folk as the close approach images come in!

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1 Response to New Horizons at Pluto!

  1. The kids and I went to NEAF2016 and sat in the talk given by Dr. Alan Stern. He’s the lead guy for the New Horizons mission. The craft is still downloading it’s data and will not complete the download until Christmas time this year. So we are still seeing pictures for the first time.

    I bet you can update your graphic which I think is awesome!

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