Rocket Cake

Rocket cake with candlesAstronomonster #2 is turning 3! Since he enjoys pretending he has rockets lifting off, including a countdown–er, countup?–that no one could synchronize with, I wanted to make him a rocket cake. It’s nowhere near as cool as the Earth cake that’s made the rounds on social media, and I’m no cake boss, but my little Astronomonsters were enthusiastic about it.

First, we baked a chocolate crazy cake (an eggless cake recipe popular during the Depression). It’s firm enough that we figured it would hold up to being cut and moved around. We baked it in a rectangular pan and removed the cake from the pan. I then cut it as shown to create the pointed top.

rocket cake process 1

The pieces cut out from the top became the fins of the rocket, and half of the piece cut out from the bottom became the top fin.

I used frosting to hold the fins to the rocket, and marked out a window with a small cup. I had ordered colored frosting from the grocery store’s bakery, and since I’m unpracticed at cake decorating, I just started applying it as I saw fit.

rocket cake process 3

I mixed a small portion of the blue frosting with some white to make the light blue for the window. Using a small zip-lock baggie from which I cut a corner to make a pastry bag, I squeezed out the light blue frosting to fit the circular window.

For finishing touches, we added some Rolo Minis to look like knobs or rivets, and three birthday candles in the base of the rocket.

Rocket cake with candles

Don’t hold my novice icing skills against this simple and cute rocket cake design. If you make one for yourself, I wish you better success in the appearance of your final product than mine!

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