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Teaching Children How to Use Binoculars

In getting children started with astronomy, I recommend beginning with what you can see with just your unaided eyes, sometimes called naked eye observing. You can learn the constellations, learn to pick out the planets, and follow the moon through … Continue reading

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Magnetic Solar System Attractive to Astronomonsters

One of my astronomonsters’ favorite toys this week is the Magnetic Solar System by Smethport. It folds open like a book. Inside, the Sun is on the top left corner, and orbit lines are drawn so kids can place their … Continue reading

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Prepare for Perseids

The Perseid Meteor Shower approaches! Great info on EarthSky’s meteor shower guide¬†and from Astronomy magazine’s Perseid Meteor Shower article. From “If predictions hold, observers across eastern Europe and northern Asia could witness 100 meteors per hour if they watch … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Studying frictionless surfaces

What happens when another science blogger watches my kids: Wordless Wednesday: Studying frictionless surfaces.

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Commission: Earth Structural Layer Cake

Amazing Earth cake found here:  Commission: Earth Structural Layer Cake. The Cakecrumbs blogger also has an amazing Jupiter Structural Layer Cake with more commentary on making such a cake, and a Spherical Concentric Layer Cake Tutorial. Great work, Rhiannon!

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