Solar System Ambassadors

Isn’t “Solar System Ambassador” about the coolest title ever? And it’s a real thing.

Solar System Ambassador logo

Solar System Ambassador logo

The Solar System Ambassador program is a volunteer public outreach program through NASA-Jet Propulsion Laboratory which organizes volunteers across the United States and Puerto Rico to share the excitement of space science with the public. The Ambassadors are space geeks of various professions who volunteer to put on public programs about astronomy and the JPL missions exploring the Solar System and the Universe.

I believe each state now has at least one Solar System Ambassador, with most states having several. You can search for your state’s ambassadors here. Ambassadors organize programs of their own, but you can also contact a local ambassador with questions or requests for appearances. They are volunteers in outreach, and do not speak for NASA or JPL.

If you are interested in being an ambassador yourself, they accept applications once a year during the month of September for a one-year, renewable term of service the following January 1. One thing they’ll look at is a history of outreach work and what plans you might have for outreach as an ambassador. Ambassadors are provided with training and information regarding current space exploration missions and recent discoveries.

I became an ambassador this year. I’ve had fun planning events and getting to know the other volunteers in my state. You can browse for upcoming events here. Check it out—some cool programs are coming up, maybe even some near you!

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