DIY Galaxy Shoes

Galaxy Shoes

Galaxy Shoes

I just ran across this cool tutorial to make your own galaxy shoes! I think I will need to try this for my astronomonsters.

If you don’t want to make them for yourself, it appears that there are a couple of different makers on Etsy through which you can order some in a custom color combination.

Space Shirt by Tanie, featured on her blog "unicorn parade."

Space Shirt by Tanie, featured on her blog “unicorn parade.”

To complete your spacey look,you could also try some DIY space shirts, pictured right–

Or a galaxy dress, or these galaxy tee shirts, or these galaxy tees, or this galaxy shirt

ah, just do a web search for “how to make galaxy clothing” and you’ll come up with a whole long list of results. The shirts all seem to follow some of the same basic methods of creation. If you have a different wearable space-themed garment or accessory you would like to share, please post a comment or send an e-mail and I can post it.

Happy creating!

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