Stargazing events to look forward to in 2013 released an article naming 13 Must-See Stargazing Events in 2013. Some events, like solar eclipses, won’t be visible to everyone in the world, but maybe you are fortunate enough to live in one of the lucky locations or can make travel plans to be there. Other events provide more equal-opportunity viewing. The list contains:

  1. January 21 – a very close conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter
  2. February 2-23 – the best evening view of Mercury
  3. March 10-24 – Comet PANSTARRS at its best
  4. April 25 – a partial lunar eclipse
  5. May 9 – an annular eclipse of the Sun (for parts of Australia, Papua New Guinea, some Solomon Islands; a partial eclipse for Hawaii)
  6. May 24-30 – Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter shuffling around low in the west/northwest soon after sunset
  7. June 23 – biggest Full Moon of 2013
  8. August 12 – the Perseid Meteor Shower
  9. October 18 – Penumbral Eclipse of the Moon
  10. November 3 – Hybrid Eclipse of the Sun (quickly morphing from annular to total). Viewers in North America’s Atlantic Coast may see only the moon’s exit at sunrise; viewers in some African countries will have better viewing.
  11. Mid-November-December – Comet ISON
  12. December (all month) – Venus will reach a pinnacle of brightness on December 6, and won’t be as bright an “evening star” again until 2021.
  13. December 13-14 – the Geminid Meteor Shower

(For more details on each event, see the original article.)

Which event/s will you be looking forward to the most? Which might you plan to view with your kids?

I myself am looking forward to the comets. Sometimes comets can disappoint and don’t turn out to be as bright as they are hyped up to become, so keep an eye on the space news if you are interested in the comets. If they look to be good viewing, please take your kids to see them–they could be memorable events.


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