A Night Sky Puzzle

Here is a little test of your knowledge of the constellations, comets, and moon phases. Can you find six mistakes in this image? Answers will be posted in the comments.

Can you find the six errors in this image?

Can you find six errors in this image?

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One Response to A Night Sky Puzzle

  1. Astronomommy says:

    1. The comet’s tail is streaming towards the Sun. Comets have two tails: one is the dust tail that follows the comet’s orbital path, and the other is a gas or ion tail that points away from the Sun.
    2. Leo is above the Big Dipper. In reality, the Little Dipper is above the Big Dipper, and Leo is below the Big Dipper.
    3. The Big Dipper’s handle is bent the wrong way.
    4. The Crescent Moon is the wrong shape–the lighted side should be toward the Sun.
    5. You will not see the constellations when the Sun is shining.
    6. Orion and Scorpius shouldn’t be in the sky at the same time–they are actually on opposite sides of the sky. Orion is a winter constellation; Scorpius is a summer constellation.
    7. The Big Dipper appears in the northern part of the sky; Orion and Scorpius appear in the southern part of the sky.
    8. Leo should be on the other side of Orion, with Cancer and Gemini in between.

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