September Skies, Part WHOOSH!

WHOOSH! Did you hear that? That was my September whizzing by. I had promised a part 2 to my September Skies post, but it hasn’t happened yet. Don’t worry, though–the constellations I meant to write about–Cassiopeia, Andromeda, Perseus, Pegasus, etc.–will still be there for October. The short list of excuses for my delay include kids, working to solve a marketing problem, organizing and writing a Halloween planetarium show, other planetarium scheming, and the fact that I keep losing interest in writing down my own version of the Perseus/Andromeda story. I thought I’d include their story in the Halloween show, too, and I find all sorts of inspirations for how to tell it. I get started writing the story, and I quickly lose steam afterward. I’ll post my own version one of these days, but until then, this one from will have to do, plus this note: Pegasus is said to have been born of Medusa’s death. Some tellings have Perseus riding Pegasus when he flees with Medusa’s head, whereas traditionally it seems Pegasus goes his own way, and Perseus has no need of a flying horse since he has already has flying sandals. Personally, I favor the version of riding the flying horse, because why not? IT’S A FLYING HORSE! and is therefore awesome. Plus, it makes a neat tale when telling it and pointing out the constellations to kids. Use your own judgment there.

I have two quick star maps for you about Cassiopeia and Company, generated for early September. They will have shifted in the sky slightly since then. The first map is a comic attempt; the second map has some starhopping guidelines for you. Enjoy!



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