Toy Galaxies

There is an appalling lack of toy galaxies on the market.

Astronomonster #1 turned 3 this summer, and I wanted to get him a toy galaxy. He has inflatable planets, but we don’t have any galaxies he can carry around.

I would love to see a large marble (golf-ball size, maybe?), clear, with a galaxy in it, like the aliens played with at the end of Men in Black. Is that too much to ask?

Galaxy marbles.



I found “Galaxy Marbles,” which I suppose look a little like galaxies…for marbles. They’re also too small; Astronomonster #2, being 19 months old, would probably put them in his mouth at some point.

There is this really sweet glass block with a model of the Milky Way inside of it—but it’s not something you’d give a toddler to play with, and it costs $44 to boot.

You might ask how a toddler would play with a galaxy anyway. Good question. Mostly, he likes to carry such treasures with him, and occasionally make things orbit each other. After seeing a galaxy merger simulation, he took the link-up toys he was playing with and crashed them together, saying, “Galaxy merger.” Play-Doh galaxies merge especially well. For now, I have just embroidered him a small galaxy on faux-leather upholstery fabric. If you know of any other cool galaxy toys, or if you find someone who is going to make some like the MiB ones, let me know, ok?

Hand-embroidered galaxy, by Astronomommy.

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