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Harvest Moon

Happy Harvest Moon! A “Harvest Moon” is the name for a full moon closest to the equinox. The moon will be exactly full at 11:19 p.m. EDT tonight. You can read more about the Harvest Moon here, on EarthSky. Look … Continue reading

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September Skies, Part WHOOSH!

WHOOSH! Did you hear that? That was my September whizzing by. I had promised a part 2 to my September Skies post, but it hasn’t happened yet. Don’t worry, though–the constellations I meant to write about–Cassiopeia, Andromeda, Perseus, Pegasus, etc.–will … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Kids’ Guide to the Constellations

A review of The Kids’ Guide to the Constellations by Christopher Forest, Capstone Press (2011) for ages 8 and up. I’m sorry, Christopher–this book is okay for a children’s book, but I didn’t find it stellar. (Sorry again for the … Continue reading

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September Skies, part 1

Fall is fast approaching in the Northern Hemisphere, and that means the seasonal constellations are changing. In the southern view, we have a low parade of zodiacal constellations (the path the Sun, Moon, and planets take across the sky), some … Continue reading

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Toy Galaxies

There is an appalling lack of toy galaxies on the market. Astronomonster #1 turned 3 this summer, and I wanted to get him a toy galaxy. He has inflatable planets, but we don’t have any galaxies he can carry around. … Continue reading

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