Bedtime Math and Curiosity

Do you read bedtime stories with your children? How about a bedtime math problem? Bedtime MatImageh is a site that promotes giving children a bedtime math problem to solve. Every day they post a new problem, and you can get these sent to you via e-mail or other subscriptions. The problems come in multiple levels so you can choose an age-appropriate problem for your child. Today’s problem talks about the Curiosity Rover which landed successfully on Mars last night. (There’s a lot of Curiosity content on space news sites today; Universe Today is one good space news digest site with lots of Curiosity content for you.)

I recently heard about Bedtime Math, and I think it’s awesome. My oldest astronomonster just turned three, so we’re still just working on counting, but I hope to do math problems like this with him in the future. You wouldn’t have to use them at bedtime–you could have dinnertime math, breakfast math, or road trip math. The point is to make math a fun part of every day life.

For more Curiosity goodness, check out NASA’s Mission Pages for the Mars Science Laboratory.

Curiosity with some equipment labeled. Image from NASA Mars Science Laboratory. I looked at some Curiosity pictures with some kids in the planetarium today, and we ended up discussing whether or not it looks like Wall-E. What do you think?


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One Response to Bedtime Math and Curiosity

  1. Wow, that’s a neat link! Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait to try it out!

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