Science Fantasy Art Your Kids Will Love

Science fantasy art by Sarah Clemens. Clockwise from the top, they are "One Small Step," "Zero-G," "Magnus & Loki: Science Guys," and "E.V.A."

My husband calls it another form of Astronomy Propaganda, but I think it’s fun to decorate my kids’ room with a space theme. Whether the room helped forge my two-year-old into an astronomonster, or whether his astronomy enthusiasm inspired the room, seems a chicken-and-egg question to me now, but their room contains a starry wall, solar system cut-outs, and some cute science fantasy art by Sarah Clemens.

I first saw Sarah Clemens’ art at a local sci-fi convention, and it is striking. I have great respect for photo realist painters, and the cat-and-dragon (Magnus & Loki) series makes me smile. I then proceeded to acquire several pieces for my home collection, including two space hamster prints for my kids’ room (“E.V.A.” and “One Small Step“), see collage, left.

(I also had to acquire “Sir Percival” for their playroom–he’s not a space hamster, but a very adorable explorer rodent.)

If you have an astronomonster of your own, the lunar astro-rodent prints may be a great addition to his or her bedroom’s decor. If you have a science-minded cat lover, then I would recommend you look into her Fantasy Gallery 1 for some fun pieces, three of which are specifically science- or space-related:

  1. Magnus & Loki “Science Guys” reveals the cat and dragon conducting experiments in electricity, featured in the collage above.
  2. Zero-G” depicts cats floating in zero gravity in a space ship, featured in the collage above.
  3. The Mechanic’s Cat,” shown below, features a cat resting in a mechanical compartment of a space ship with an alien landscape and rockets in the background.

Prints can be purchased through her site here, and the little one, “E.V.A.” is found on the page called Little Prints. You can find out more about the artist here.

The Mechanic's Cat by Sarah Clemens

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5 Responses to Science Fantasy Art Your Kids Will Love

  1. Dayna Budde says:

    Sarah Clemens is an AMAZING artist. Thank you for getting her out there into the big wide world of Astronomy! Just because you’re a space geek doesn’t always mean you’re a sci-fi-convention-attending-space-geek, and so now many more people will see her wonderful work. And who among us doesn’t think a dragon is cool? Magnus and Loki have such amazing chemestry, and the stuff they get into will make you smile. They even have their own facebook page! So go check them out people, and enjoy Sarah’s art. You won’t regret it! (Yes, I’m an avid fan of Sarah’s work.)

    owner of “Sam” and “Snow”, two of the little prints purchased from Gallifrey One (aka So Cal’s most amazing Doctor Who convention!)

  2. Astronomommy says:

    Thanks for the comments, Dayna! Besides the astro-rodent prints for my kids, I got several Magnus & Loki prints for myself–love them! Unfortunately, I don’t have the science-themed ones…yet 😉

  3. About to have my first kid and my wife and I are considering nursery decoration themes. This just shot to the top of my list. 😉

    • Astronomommy says:

      Haha awesome! I’m rooting for your space/science theme to win! I’m planning to get pics up of my boys’ finished room, if I can find time to work on it without them tearing apart what I clean up. I’ve got solar system bulletin board art from an education store and one dark blue wall with large gold stars on it. My 2-year-old managed to take Earth and the Moon down off the wall and strip off paint while he was at it, so now I have to touch up some paint, too, before I can get pics. Congrats on the first kid!

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