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Science Fantasy Art Your Kids Will Love

My husband calls it another form of Astronomy Propaganda, but I think it’s fun to decorate my kids’ room with a space theme. Whether the room helped forge my two-year-old into an astronomonster, or whether his astronomy enthusiasm inspired the … Continue reading

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Inflatable Solar System

When you’ve already given your astronomonster the world and the moon, what’s next? How about the Solar System? I got my astronomonsters an inflatable solar system for Christmas, and they are loving it to a slow, leaky death–at least in … Continue reading

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The Scale of the Universe

In the last post, I shared a link to a video which showed the Scale of Stars. Here’s another scaly link: The Scale of the Universe. Beginning with the smallest things in the Universe, like the Planck Length, to larger … Continue reading

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Stellar Scale

A cool thing about studying astronomy is that you can boggle your mind again and again as you try to conceive of strange things like black holes or magnetars, or even the size and scale of things. Well, here is … Continue reading

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