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Does the Moon smell?

Who nose? Actually, the Apollo astronauts did notice that the Moon had an odor, and they described it as “spent gunpowder.” But if astronauts have to wear protective space suits and helmets to avoid fatal exposure to the vacuum of … Continue reading

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How to help your child become a scientist

I just read an online column by Christopher Emdin titled “Five Reasons Your Child Won’t Be A Scientist (And What You Can Do About It)”. I’ll summarize some things here and add my own two cents, but I’d encourage you … Continue reading

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Some stars and planets software/sites/apps

If you give an Astronomonster the moon, he’s going to want the solar system. If you give him the solar system, he’s going to want the universe. And if you give him the universe, he’s going to want a parallel … Continue reading

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Jupiter — That’s What’s Up!

Have you been noticing a bright yellow star shining in the east/northeast at twilight, or higher in the east/southeast through the evening, or high in the south at midnight? If you’re thinking of the same bright star as me, you’re … Continue reading

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Space Shirts

A friend of mine passed me a link to a DIY Space Shirt project which looks really cool, so I thought I would share it with you. Blogger Tanie details the steps she took to make this shirt on her … Continue reading

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The Sun’s Southward Journey

You may have noticed that it is getting darker earlier now. Today we’ll discuss a simple project to help you experience this phenomenon more fully and, as my undergrad astronomy professor would say, “feel connected to the universe!” Quiz time: … Continue reading

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