Draconids, anyone?

Clouds. And sleepy, fussy kids. Indoors. That was my evening. How about you? I hope someone got some good observing somewhere. Leave a comment about your meteor shower experience, if you had one, or even if you didn’t!

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One Response to Draconids, anyone?

  1. Astronomommy says:

    I found this article from Space.Com about how the Draconids of 2011 were amazing OUTSIDE the US. http://www.space.com/13240-draconid-meteor-shower-2011-skywatcher-photos.html
    “According to observers with clear skies in Europe, a short-lived, yet intense, display of meteors was visible as soon as the sky became dark.” Today on http://www.spaceweather.com/ there is a photo of a Draconid meteor streaking through auroras, taken by Antony Spencer from Kiruna, Sweden. Lucky them!

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