Pumpkin Planets?

It’s pumpkin season! Last weekend we visited a pumpkin patch that took us on a tractor ride to the patch where we were let loose to pick out whatever we wanted for pumpkins. When we got them back to the barn we would weigh them and pay 29 cents a pound. I love pumpkins, so I couldn’t resist getting 1 or 2…or 12 :o)

Our pumpkin patch loot. Like planets, pumpkins come in a variety of colors and sizes, so you could use pumpkins to build a model of the solar system with your astronomonsters.

My Astronomonster has also been excited about pumpkins, and when he isn’t touching them and calling them “punkin,” then he’s pointing at them and calling them by names of the planets. So I might have to paint one or two of them to look like planets, except then he’ll be playing with them that much more, and I don’t want them smashed. Hmm.

Anyway, here’s an example of some folks who made a whole solar system of pumpkins, complete with space probes. Be sure to click your way through the photo album a bit to see what is possible for fall produce and pumpkin planets. And here is another pumpkin painted to look like Earth. This one looks pretty nice and includes a brief process description which doesn’t sound that hard to do. And here’s another pumpkin solar system example.

You can find all kinds of tips online for painting pumpkins by doing a quick search. This page offers some decent pumpkin-painting advice. I remember painting pumpkins as a kid. We used acrylic paint, and when Halloween was over, we just washed it off with water so we could have a plain pumpkin again to use as a Thanksgiving decoration. Waste not!

Have a happy pumpkin season!



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