Astronomonster Update…Disclaimer?

I’m sorry to sat that I have not been able to update this blog as frequently as I had wished when I first began, but I have been busy with family, chores, and my Astronomonsters.

My two-year-old certainly is an Astronomonster. He shouts out the names of the planets at random times, frequently asks to watch The Universe, plays with solar system window clings for hours at a time, gets upset if I can’t read space books with him when he wants to, and asks me to draw planets for him on his magnetic drawing board. The planets are challenging to draw on those things, but I am pleased to say that he shouted out “Ceres!” when I drew a big circle with smaller lumpy-shaped objects in the space around it.

At least I know he’s learning! He can even identify the four Galilean moons and says “Hot! Hot! OW!” sometimes when seeing an image of the sun. He surprised me the other night by saying “Gibbous!” when I set the Moon-in-my-Room lamp to waxing gibbous phase.

My husband accuses me of pushing astronomy propaganda. So what if I bring home space books and decorate his room with stars and planets? Yes, I supply the astronomy materials, but my boy supplies the obsession.

Nine-month-old little brother watches, learns, and makes a grab for older brother’s astronomy toys. Sometimes I have to referee.

And so, I find myself updating my blog at 1 a.m. tonight when I should be sleeping so I can keep up with the Astronomonsters tomorrow…er, later today. I’m trying to carve out a bit of Astronomommy-time for myself though, so here’s to hoping for more sleep and more frequent posts in the future! Until then, keep looking up!

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