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Pumpkin Planets?

It’s pumpkin season! Last weekend we visited a pumpkin patch that took us on a tractor ride to the patch where we were let loose to pick out whatever we wanted for pumpkins. When we got them back to the … Continue reading

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Sagittarius, The Little Teapot

Today let us pause a moment to observe the passing of Sagittarius from due south in our night sky. The Friday, September 23 entry from Sky & Telescope’s This Week’s Sky at a Glance reads, “As summer turns to fall, … Continue reading

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Book Reviews: Five nonfiction picture books that read like story books

I’ve got five books for you today that I awkwardly name “Nonfiction picture books that read like story books.” Each of these books are filed in libraries as non-fiction solar system books. When you hear “non-fiction solar system book,” what … Continue reading

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Happy Fall!

Happy Fall, everybody! Or, rather, everybody in the northern hemisphere. Southern Hemispherians: Happy Spring to you! Yesterday was the Autumnal Equinox. Your calendar usually just says “Fall Begins” or “First Day of Fall.” So what does that mean? Yesterday, the … Continue reading

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Moon Cake

If you give an astronomonster a birthday party, he’s going to want a cake. If you give him a cake, he may ask for the moon. So, today we will look at spacey cakes and other edible solar system goodness! … Continue reading

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Astronomonster Update…Disclaimer?

I’m sorry to sat that I have not been able to update this blog as frequently as I had wished when I first began, but I have been busy with family, chores, and my Astronomonsters. My two-year-old certainly is an … Continue reading

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Has anyone been hit by a meteorite?

Has anyone ever been hit by a meteorite? This question is likely to come up when talking to kids about meteors and meteorites, and the answer is, “Yes.” How likely is a person to be hit by a meteorite? Not … Continue reading

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