Pieces of Another World

"Pieces of Another World" by Mara Rockliff and Salima Alikhan

Since we’re talking about meteors and meteor showers lately, now seems an excellent time for a review of a story book about viewing a meteor shower.

Pieces of Another World by Mara Rockliff tells the story of a dad taking his young daughter out to view “pieces of another world.” He wakes her up from sleep, and on their journey out of town she glimpses “pieces of another world”–scenes from the world at night–until finally she sees what her dad really means: meteors.

The book includes a special section in the back about meteors, a “Meteor Math” exercise, “Five Steps to a Fantastic Meteor Watching Party,” and a recipe for Comet Cookies. If you’re planning a Meteor Watching Party with your little astronomers, or if your little astronomer was really excited by seeing a meteor or meteor shower before, then this book might be a fun addition to your festivities.

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One Response to Pieces of Another World

  1. Christina Smith says:

    I like this Dad, although if he woke me up in the middle of the night…it’s a gamble as to how I’d react. 😉

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