A Shooting Star is Not A Star…

Not-a-star vs. Meteor

…and other astronomy songs for kids can be found here: The Kids Knowit Network.  There are also games and songs for astronomy and other subjects as well. I sometimes play the astronomy songs for my own little astronobabies at home. They are well done, and don’t get on my nerves like some of the other songs for kids I’ve heard.

A Shooting Star is Not a Star is a catchy little tune about meteors, sung as a round:

“A shooting star is not a star,/ it’s not a star at all./ A shooting star’s a meteor that’s heading for a fall./ A shooting star is not a star/ why does it shine so bright?/ The friction as it falls through air produces heat and light./ A shooting star, or meteor,/ whichever name you like,/ the minute it comes down to Earth, it’s called a meteorite.”

If yours is a family that sings together or has fun with music together, you might consider playing this or singing it before heading out to view a meteor shower–and you don’t have long to wait, either. Late July and early August provide two meteor showers for your viewing pleasure: The Delta Aquarids and the Perseids. The best time for viewing is from midnight to dawn, and this year (2011) we will have moonless skies during those times. (Bright moonlight will drown out some meteors that you would otherwise see on a clear, dark night.)

You can find more meteor fun in my previous post, “Hello, Meteor.” A 2011 Meteor Shower Guide with viewing tips can be found at EarthSky. Happy viewing!

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