Star Parties

Tonight my local astronomy club was going to have a star party for the public, but a star party requires a clear sky. Our sky here tonight is overcast, so no stargazing for us. Instead, here’s a note for you about star parties and finding them, especially since we’re now in a good season for such things!

If you are unfamiliar with stargazing and telescopes, a star party–especially one held by a local club for the public–can be a good way to get an introduction. One way you can find a local event is by checking out the Night Sky Network to search for events and local clubs. Not every astronomy club will be listed here, however. If you plan to travel to an event, one tool you can use to see if the skies will be clear enough to make the trip worthwhile is the Clear Sky Chart. You can search by major cities to see the predictions for cloud cover, transparency, seeing, wind, humidity, and temperature. This chart covers the current night and the next night.

Happy hunting! (For star parties, that is.)

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